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The power-operated folding tops are both a challenge and an opportunity. When understood, there's money to be made in this kind of work.

One of the popular units for raising and lowering the tops is used on General Motors' cars, and since it combines hydraulic power electrically created, is known as the Hydro-lectric mechanism.

Total failure is usually due to lack of fluid or a blown fuse. The corrections are obvious. Alignment and adjustment are essential to fully satisfactory operation. Removal or replacement for service is fairly simple. It does entail quite a bit of work, however, but total removal is rarely needed except in case of accident.

Mechanical adjustment of a convertible top requires good judgment on the part of the body man. The work and necessary steps to correct a certain top condition should be planned and figured out beforehand. Often a single adjustment will solve the problem. Again it may be necessary to combine two or three adjustments to get complete satisfaction.

The top can be shifted slightly fore and aft by shifting the plate forward or rearward, and tightening the bolts securely. Care should be exercised to avoid raising or lowering the plate when making this adjustment.

Oversize holes at the base of the metal provide forward or backward adjustment for correct clearance at the rear quarter window. They also provide slight side-to-side adjustment of the top.

Whether servicing the top itself or operating it in connection with some other body work, it is important that it be handled properly.

In addition to avoiding damage that might possibly go unnoticed at the moment but cause embarrassment later, the correct handling of the top will build prestige in the eyes of the car owner.