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You can get into the refinishing business for almost any amount of money that you want to spend. But the profit that you make will be directly influenced by your investment. This doesn't mean that limited equipment can't do a quality job. It can. But the extra time required to do the job will probably eat up the profits.

An item of interest in any shop that has an occasional spot to touch up or scratch to cover is a spray gun, which can be operated with air from a tire. While this item is used and sold by Ford dealers, its limitation is obvious.

To help paint-shop operators and prospective shop owners picture the basic equipment needed for refinishing (1950). The first list is for a shop doing limited automotive painting. That is, primarily touch-up work and only occasional complete refinish jobs. The second list includes the basic equipment for average automotive painting ; which is understood to mean not more than two complete refinish jobs per day. The third list includes the equipment for extensive automotive painting, consisting of three or more complete refinish jobs each day.

Limited equipment

Air compressing outfit

Two cylinder, two stage, two horsepower air compressor delivers 8.63 c.f.m. at 175 pounds pressure to operate the commonly used shop tools and spray guns.

Spray painting outfit

An assembly of the minimum production-type spray equipment for shops doing general body repair and occasional complete refinishing. The outfit consists of : 1 production type spray gun with quart suction feed cup attachment and quick air connector ; 1 removable spray head together with a second suction feed cup assembly; 1 combination air pressure regulator and air cleaner (air transformer) ; one 25 ft. length of 5/16" air hose equipped with quick connector ; and a complete general purpose touch-up outfit.

This touch-up outfit includes : 1 precision type touch-up gun with glass cup ; 6 extra glass cups with sealing lids; 1 tray for the outfit; 1 fifteen foot length of 1/4" braid-covered air hose with connections; 1 air cock for main line; and 1 hose coupling.

Flock spray gun

Applies all types of flock in uniform coverings. Fully adjustable for amount of flock sprayed and for the shape and size of spray pattern. Equipped with 2 quart glass jar (mason jar threads).

Underbody patching gun

For use in the body shop to replace small areas of under-body coating that have been removed for repairs. Also for use with other types of sound deadeners, dum-dum and adhesives. Equipped with 2 quart metal cup.

Exhaust Fan

One horsepower, 24" diameter fan provides ample air flow to properly exhaust a good-size spraying area. It combines with a mounting assembly to form an easily-installed unit. The fan bearings, belts, and pulley are sealed into a housing to insure long, trouble-free service.

Window and wall mounting

Proper exhaust equipment for shops not doing sufficient work to warrant a spray booth. It is installed in the wall or window of an enclosed area to exhaust directly to the outside, or to be connected to 24" exhaust piping. It is built to accommodate the fan and includes protector screen and service door.

Average equipment

Air compressing outfit

Two cylinder, two stage, 5 horsepower air compressor. Delivers 17.26 c.f.m. at 175 pounds pressure to operate spray guns and all types of pneumatic shop tools at peak efficiency for intermittent service.

Spray painting outfit

A complete production painting and touch-up equipment combination for automotive refinishing. Makes possible factory quality finishes and production line speed for repair and refinishing departments. The outfit consists of : 2 production-type spray guns with quart suction feed cup attachments; 6 extra cups with sealing covers (not shown); 2 quick connector stems for spray guns; 1 combination air pressure regulator and air cleaner (air transformer) with automatic water drain; 1 radiator core spray gun with quick connector ; 1 air dusting gun with quick connector ; 2 twenty-five foot lengths of tough, non-kinking 5/16" air hose with quick connection; and a complete general purpose type touch-up outfit.

This touch-up outfit includes : 1 precision-type touch-up gun with glass cup ; 6 extra glass cups with sealing lids; 1 tray for the outfit ; 1 fifteen foot length of 1/4" braid-covered air hose with connections ; 1 air cock for main line ; and 1 hose coupling.

Underbody coating outfit

Specially designed 10 gallon pressure feed tank system for fast, economical application of underbody coating and other heavy materials. Fully equipped with pressure regulator and gage ; valves and fittings; spray gun with special heavy materials spray head ; and 15' lengths of air and material hoses.

Standard automotive booth

Standard all-metal spray booth. Large filter-type doors ; sealed glass openings for six special fluorescent light fixtures; scientific exhaust air distribution; and simple panel-type construction. Booth is 12' wide, 24' long, and 9' high. Exhaust outlet is interchangeable, either top or back. Be sure to obtain information on your local and state requirements and see to it these are followed.

Fluorescent light fixtures

Specially designed for spray booth service with sealed metal housing and glass cover to keep individual reflectors clean and free of vapours. Mounted for servicing from out, side the booth.

Exhaust fan

Three-quarter horsepower, 34" diameter, ball-bearing fan provides air circulation through the booth. Designed specially for spray booth service, the bearings, belts, and pulley are in a sealed housing. Fan can be installed in either vertical or horizontal position.

Exhaust stack components

Seldom are two booth installations alike, as in the construction, ceiling, height, etc., of the building in which the booth is placed vary widely. However, a typical installation requires the following: 3 lengths of straight pipe ; 1 automatic damper, clean-out door, and pipe assembly ; 1 weather cap ; 1 fan support ; 1 motor house ; 1 stack band; 2 fan connecting rings ; 1 set of guy wires and underbody patching gun and flock spray gun.

Extensive equipment

Air compressing outfit

Four cylinder, "V" type, 2 stage, 10 horsepower air compressor. Delivers 37.6 c.f.m. at 175 pounds pressure. Capacity is ample for simultaneous use of several spray guns, body bumpers, grease guns, pneumatic tools.

Underbody coating outfit

Pumps direct from original 55 gallon container. Two independent regulators make ideal spraying possible under varying job conditions. Powerful pump is simple and economical to operate and built to give heavy duty service. The complete outfit consists of : 1 heavy duty pump, controls, suction tube and barrel lid assembly ; 1 twenty-five foot length 5/16" air hose with connections ; 1 twenty-five foot length 34" specially compounded synthetic fluid hose with connections ; 1 fifteen foot length 7/16" air hose to connect outfit to supply line; 1 air cock ; and 1 special heavy body materials spray gun with removable head.

Showroom booth

A forceful service merchandiser with six large windows for your customers to watch the fascinating process of spray finishing a car. Booth is 28' long, 14' wide, 9' high and is equipped with : large filter doors at one end and drive through doors at the other ; service door for personnel; six windows, and twelve sealed glass openings for fluorescent light fixtures. Exhaust outlet is interchangeable, either top or back. This same type booth is available as a large combination truck and auto refinishing booth.

Auto oven

This convection-type, gas-fired oven assures uniform, clean heat completely on every surface of the car—back and front as well as sides and top—so every inch dries to the same degree of hardness at the same temperature. One day refinishing service is practical. No tying up the spray booth for long drying periods.

When the car is sprayed, it is placed in the auto oven—and in 45 minutes the film is set. Inside clearance of the oven: 22'6" long; 9'0" wide ; 8'0" high. Equipped with : large drive through doors at both ends ; air recirculating fan; heating unit ; and approved type automatic temperature controls for any specified type of fuel gas.


Complete, tightly sealed enclosure for connecting oven to spray booth. Tunnel is 6' long, 10' wide, and 9' high.

Due to the increased volume possible when using the showroom booth and the auto oven, it is understandable that a larger compressor is needed. With the larger volume of work it is also possible to sell an increased number of undercoating jobs. Hence the large-capacity undercoating equipment.

These units plus the special booths comprise the main difference between this extensive list and the average list on the preceding pages. The extensive list includes the underbody patching gun, flock spray gun, fluorescent lighting fixtures, and exhaust stack components already described. The exhaust fan is similar but has a more powerful motor.